• Experience/Research/Projects
  • Education
  • Summer Project: Telegram electronic bell and energy metter bot
  • At this summer vacations I programmed a telegram bot that alert me when someone press the ring bell of my house and the house energy consuption. To capture the button I used an arduino, two non invasive sensors and an ethernet shield. The server side is implemented using python with tornado (beatyfull), the server receives the "click" events and the energy readings of the house. If it receives a click event, it capture a image form a ip camera and send to my by telegram. It also notify the house consuption hour by hour. Had a lot of fun with this project. You can find the source code here: https://github.com/luiszeni/my_robotic_home
  • 01/2017 - Until still fun

  • //TODO: Start my PhD
  • Hope to start this year
  • XP

  • Research: Feature selection/reduction using machine learning to classify individuals with depression or bipolar disorder
  • Soon I will post more info (I hope)
  • 09/2016 - Now

  • Teacher of technical course in informatics at IFSUL, Sapucaia do Sul, Brazil
  • I taught the following subjects to a technician course:
    • Android Development
    • Programming II (Java and OO)
    • Final Project
  • 03/2014 - 12/2014

  • Face Recognition using Kinect, Research to Guardian, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Developed a face recognition system that can deal with pose variation using Kinect RGB-D information. This research gave rise to my master's thesis
  • 08/2013 - 02/2014

  • View interpolation using Stereo Matching, research to HP, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • I researched the usage of stereo matching algorithms to create different perspective of view of a scene.
  • 04/2011 - 08/2013

  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
  • Focused in the research of computer vision, image processing and Machine Learning. I researched view interpolation using stereo matching tectonics and face recognition using Kinect.

    Title of the thesis: ”Face recognition using a low-cost RGB-D camera to deal with the problem of pose Variation”. You can download it here

    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jacob Sharcanski

  • 04/2011 - 02/2014

  • Java/2EE Developer Digitel, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Development of a Network Management Application using SNMP. I programed Java Swing, EJB, SQL, and Introduced the agile development to our team.
  • 02/10 - 04/11

  • Java/2EE Developer Dixtal (trainee), Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Helped to develop an Hospital Application. I dealt with: Java Swing, EJB, SQL and agile development.
  • 10/2008 - 02/2010

  • XML creation and maintenance (trainee) at Actia do Brasil, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Worked defining and making maintenance in a lot of xml files.
  • 11/2007 - 02/2008

  • Excel VBA programmer(trainee) at Banrisul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Progamed a lot of macros to run on Excel, it was fun to see they working on long excel files.
  • 05/2007 - 11/2007

  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems at Uniritter, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • I Had the opportunity to study different topics in the development of computer software. Here started my passion to computer vision, thanks to professor Gavião.

    Title of the final work: ”Tracking planar areas in real scenes for augmented reality purposes”. You can download it here.

    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Wilson P. Gavião Neto.

  • 03/2007 - 12/2010

  • Computer technician (trainee) at A P Valle Informatica, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Worked fixing hardware and reinstalling operating systems. Here I learned how to fix your computer /joke.
  • 12/2006 - 03/2007

  • Technical Computer Course at Alcides Maya, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Here started my passion for programming. One amazing project was a tic tac toe game that I programed using c language and a primitive drawing library. It was fun.
  • 08/2005 - 12/2006